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Bravo & Blaze

with Jenny Blaze

  • #8 on GoodPods Top 100 Indie TV Reviews Charts in less than 4 months of debut
  • Interviewing cannabis experts, content creators, and Bravolebrities
  • Providing common ground with pop culture, Bravo TV, and all things 420 
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Unrivaled Audience

Passionate and loyal super fans in a vibrant community who are seeking guidance during legislation reform

  • Cannabis friendly and/or cannabis curious
  • Passionate and loyal fan base
  • Predominantly female demographic
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This is a safe space to have deep conversations with open minds and open hearts

  • 98.7% age 18+
  • 74.8% organic blog search traffic
  • 88% in the US and Canada
  • 17% monthly YouTube growth rate
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What listeners are saying...

Queen of Podcasts

“Jenny has the best takes, fun opinions and great stories! A must listen! You're gonna love her!!!”

Eddy Ringleader

Smart & Lit

“Love my people! Blazers and Baddies unite.”

Dharma Amy

Bravo & 420?! Yes Please!

"My two favorite things! What a joy Jenny is to listen to! I love this podcast!”


Love Bravo and Blaze!

"So glad Jenny has a podcast! She's always been supportive of me (projectmindy) on Instagram.  She has great takes on Bravo and pop culture.  Check out her merch and Instagram!”


JENNYYY is such a fun time!

"I love listening to Jenny talk about the latest Bravo gossip, while incorporating the cannabis culture into the conversation!  Love the different perspectives and topics of discussion!”



  • Margaret Josephs (Real Housewives of New Jersey) [Audio] [Video]
  • Jason Cameron (Winter House) [Audio] [Video]
  • TJ Dinch (Southern Hospitality) [Audio] [Video]
  • Reza Farahan (Shahs of Sunset & The Traitors on Peacock) [Audio] [Video]
  • Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, MD, MSPH, ABPM (Married to Medicine) [Audio] [Video]
  • Hannah Ferrier (Below Deck Mediterranean) [Audio] [Video]
  • Dani Soares (Below Deck Sailing Yacht) [Audio] [Video]
  • Gabriela Barragan (Below Deck Sailing Yacht) [Audio] [Video]
  • Murilo Bueno (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City) [Audio] [Video]
  • Dom'Unique Variety (Kandi & the Gang) [Audio] [Video]
  • Brian Redmond (Kandi & the Gang) [Audio] [Video]
  • Andrea Denver (Summer House & Winter House) [Audio] [Video]
  • King June (Kandi & the Gang) [Audio] [Video]
  • Adja Toure (Real Girlfriends in Paris) [Audio] [Video]
  • John Barlow (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City) [Audio] [Video]

Bravo Content Creators: 

  • Steel & Shooter (Brav Bros) [Audio] [Video]
  • Melissa Pfeister (Side Piece Show & Namaste Bitches Podcast) [Audio] [Video]
  • Andy (Real Andy of Beverly Hills) [Audio] [Video]
  • Jen (Blocked By Jax) [Audio] [Video]
  • Zack Peter (No Filter With Zack Peter) [Audio] [Video]
  • Blake Adams (Blonde Hair Black Heart) [Audio] [Video]
  • Emily Hanks (She Speaks Bravo) [Audio] [Video]
  • Ryan Bailey (So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey) [Audio] [Video]
  • Kim (Bravo Breaking News) [Audio] [Video]
  • Brian Moylan (The Housewives: The Real Story Behind The Real Housewives) [Audio] [Video]
  • Larry (Bravo By Gays) [Audio] [Video]

Experts & Special Guests:

  • Danielle Simone Brand (The Weed Mom) [Audio] [Video]
  • G. Scott Graham (Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor) [Audio] [Video]
  • Alex Carabaño (HBO Latino Comedian) [Audio] [Video]
  • Chirali Patel (Blaze Law Firm, Blaze Responsibly, Rutgers Law) [Video]
  • Allison Kirschhofer (Accounting By Design) [Video]
  • Ice Dawson (She Blaze) [Audio] [Video]
  • Randy Wentworth (Snowflake Mountain, Netflix) [Audio] [Video]

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