Former corporate IT consultant who ran and scaled a $70M business to over $200M+ in less than 4 years with one of the most elite and reknowned consulting firms in the world turned Digital Entrepreneur/Cannabis Mom Boss empowering you to create your unique digital empire.

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Jenny Blaze is a former corporate IT consultant of 15+ years with top global consulting firms; her last role scaling a $70M business to over $200M+ within 4 years.  Jenny moved on from the corporate world after maternity leave with her second child as she found the demands of being the woman and mother she wished to be nearly impossible as a corporate employee. 


Her own life changing experience with cannabis led to a deep passion for advocacy.  However, while taking care of her family she found little bandwidth to be able to pursue a traditional career path in the cannabis industry.  It was while she was watching Bravo TV in the background of breastfeeding, cooking, and cleaning that she realized there wasn’t a true representation of cannabis as an extension of health and wellness in mainstream pop culture media.  


Jenny then leveraged her professional experience and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Electronic Media, Arts, and Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to create a new business venture while taking care of her family of 6.  


Her debut podcast, Bravo & Blaze with Jenny Blaze, reached #8 in the Top 100 Indie TV Reviews charts in less than 4 months. In addition to Bravo & Blaze, Jenny Blaze is also the host of the Cannabis Mom Boss podcast.  The mission is to empower canna moms to safely and confidently come out of the “Green Closet” while educating to promote digital, financial, and business literacy to live an authentic and passion filled life.


Empower cannabis consumers to safely, responsibly, and confidently come out of the "Green Closet" to modernize the perception.  We are mothers, professionals, and upstanding citizens. 

The cannabis industry is dominated by men most of who are fighting to be the biggest and the "best".  We believe the best approach is leading with your authentic self and purpose while utilizing technology & business skills that can be taught to anyone.

Being another tally to the list of female executives in the cannabis industry is not enough.  We want to empower women to become leaders and executives to make an impact and change the future of the cannabis industry together.  This is a Cannabis Mom Boss MOVEMENT.

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